Siddharth Public School is a modern School with an Indian Soul where learning is fun filled, meaningful and effective. We constantly strive to incorporate research based teaching methodology and critical thinking into ever-evolving curriculum. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled educators who have the zest for instilling values in young minds and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

The school invites applications for Faculty & Administrative positions for qualified professionals with minimum 3-5 years of relevant experience. To apply, kindly email your detailed resume, in the requisite application format as available on our website or Email us at mentioning position applied for in the subject field.

सिद्धार्थ पब्लिक स्कूल एक ऐसा स्कूल है, जो कुछ ही वर्षो में निरंतर प्रगति की ओर अग्रसर है। जिसकी प्रशंसा में कुछ भी कहना बिल्कुल वैसा ही है जैसे-‘ऊँट के मूँह में जीरा‘ प्रबंध व प्रबंधक और सभी कार्यकर्ताओं के अधिक परिश्रम और प्रयास के कारण इसकी प्रगति व ख्याति ‘आकाश से बातें‘ कर रही है। विद्यालय परिवार के द्वारा किये गये समस्त कार्य सराहनीय व अद्वितीय है।
कविता मीणा
“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”

Choosing SPS to work with is one of my best decision. I am associated with this premier institution of Raj Group for the last 4 years. This School has provided me excellent opportunities to learn and enhance my teaching skills. A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environment for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.

Beside regular studies, students are encouraged to participate in co- curricular activities, sports etc for their mental and physical growth. Management has always been supportive and employee- friendly. At SPS, work culture thrives on motivation and inspiration which is the key element of success in this organisation.

With all my good wishes and greetings, I feel very delighted to convey my thoughts.“Every child is a good imitator so give something good to imitate”
Fulfilling the goal of education is to bring out the hidden potential of young icons and open them to enormous possibilities and opportunities which supports faster growth.

The school provides a proper balance between academics and extra activities to aid in overall development of the child. Besides regular lessons, moral values are also imparted in an attractive way to make the kids obedient. Research based curriculum along with lots of activities provides an extra edge and confidence to embark their journey of life .

The motto of Siddharth Public School is to provide quality education and providing opportunities to every child to showcase their talent. We strive for excellence by preparing students for learning, beyond class room sessions and guiding them to become life long learners.
The school environment is greatly supportive and inspires collaborative effort at every level. Dedication and team work helps us to solve a lot of challenges gracefully. I will constantly make efforts to make my team proud as well as I feel proud to be a part of this prestigious family at SPS.

Management of the school in excellent. It manages all the teachers, student very well. They support the teachers when required in every way possible. They motivate us to do better work and help our students to maintain a balance between academics and hobbies/passion. Excellent environment with great infrastructure makes the journey of learning joyful.
“Siddharth public school” is an institution which empowers students to become scholars. Every students matters, every moment counts. Vision is to provide every child a safe, inspired, secured and competitive environment. Students here learn to thrive in a child centric curriculum and a research based education.
“Transform yourself, transform the world”.
I feel I’ve grown more during my teaching tenure at Siddharth Public School. Everyone here is ready to go out of their comfort zone and go an extra mile, to yield best teachers and students.
i’m not afraid to try new things at SPS because I know there is a family to fall back on and learn from. I always feel safe to talk about areas of growth and truly believe that my principal, mentor and other colleagues in administrative roles care for me and want to see me grow as a teacher.
S.P.S. adopted a mix of innovative and comprehensive education, which aims at both scholastic and non-scholastic development of students. Being a SPS teacher is a different feeling that a teacher has ever experienced. The level of care and trust that the administration have in their teachers is so unique and special. You will feel loved, supported and cheered on from the moment you become a part of this truly enriching campus.
The ‘Siddharth Public School ICSE’ is exceptionally good with excellent faculty. The School is well planned in terms of curricular and extracurricular activities. I am here because of the friendly, supportive, caring and collaborative environment provided by the Management. I feel proud to be here.
“I see a promising future of good quality and high standard education in Siddharth Public School I.C.S.E. we have an elaborate infrastructure, excellent management and well qualified resourceful staff, who strive together to learning out the best potential out of student. As a teacher myself, I am enthusiastic to play an effective and responsible role to impact my student”

Resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae)